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Taxi Roof Lights And Taxi Roof Signs In All Sizes For All Vehicle Types...

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There are small roof lights for small cars right up to 36" streamlined roof signs for MPV's. The rooflights can have either normal bulbs fitted or LED's. Please tell us what you would like printed on the rooflight. If you don't let us know we will just put 'TAXI' on both front and back. All items have free delivery and are usually dispatched within 24 hours of your order.

Taxi signs are often called taxi lights, in some places they are called taxi top lights. Taxi Roof lights are 12 volt lights that are used by many drivers to indicate the type of vehicle to potential customers, whether they are Hackney or Private Hire and sometimes the company that the vehicle is attached to. Quite often drivers will have the word TAXI on one side of the light and their telephone number on the other side of the roof light. They are normally fixed to the vehicle roof using its magnets on the bottom but they can also be converted to be bolted on a roof bar. The standard method of lighting the signs is to have the sign lit when free or not hired, and unlit when they are hired or passenger on board.