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Taxi-Mart Taxi Driver Accounts Book

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Keeping your books in order is vital if you are going to avoid that last minute rush to avoid an unnecessary fine from HMRC! Plus keeping your own accounts in good order will save you money on accountants’ fees, because the more you do for them, the less they have to do for you.

So what is the answer for the busy taxi driver who, let’s face it, is otherwise engaged during a normal working day? A Taxi-Mart taxi driver accounts book!

These books are ideal for recording your figures, either at the end of each day, or come the end of the working week. Simple to use, the taxi account book comprises 52 pages, one for each week of the year.

There are clear, separate sections for all that vital information, such as moneys in and expenses. The income section is broken down into different payment types so you can see at a glance what you should have for that particular week. There’s also a space for ‘other income’ which for example may be pension income or earnings from a property that you rent out. All of which must be declared for tax purposes.

The expenditure columns list all the usual expenses a taxi driver will deal with and which can be officially claimed against tax. Keeping everything listed in detail like this makes things much easier when it comes to tax return time. Plus it’s easy to see at a glance where the greatest proportion of your expenditure is going, which will allow you to see if you can take steps to make savings in these areas.

Taxi-Mart taxi driver account books are designed to keep you organised and stress and hassle free at the same time. And for only £8.99 and a few minutes of your time every week, it really is worth the small investment!

The Taxi-Mart taxi driver accounts book is hard wearing courtesy of a fully laminated cover, guaranteeing it will look just as good at the end of the year as it did at the beginning when you first started filling it in!

It’s easy to buy the Taxi-Mart taxi account book. Just choose your quantity – single pack of pack of five – and then add to cart. Smaller orders are despatched by Royal Mail second class post and larger packages by Hermes courier service.