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Looking for quality car spray paint? It’s readily available right here from Taxi Mart.

Not all spray paint is made equal, which is why it’s imperative to seek out the very best brands. At Taxi-Mart we are great fans of Silverhook and E-Tech, both top name makes of car spray paint that you can wholeheartedly rely upon when it comes to quality and reliability.

Silverhook spray paint offers a range of choices. Choose your preferred finish: satin, matt, gloss or metallic, and then go for whatever colour catches your eye – there are plenty to choose from, from chrome spray paint through to peach, and there’s even a fluorescent option in a range of shades!

Silverhook car spray paint is generally suitable for metal, wood, cardboard and plastics being an acrylic formulation, but do check the individual item listings for full details. All paints are high density and excellent value, and there’s a primer to match pretty much all the colours available: highly recommended if you are seeking the perfect, long-lasting finish.

If you are looking for alloy wheel spray paint, make E-Tech your brand of choice. Alloy wheels are always amazing to look at when brand new, but over time they do tend to lose their shine and are prone to suffering knocks and chips.

The good news is that E-Tech has the solution in the shape of spray paint for alloy wheels, as well as a range of additional repair products such as alloy wheel repair hardening putty filler and wheel refurb lacquer. Paint wise, you can choose from gold spray paint for alloy wheels as well as silver, grey and black. Again for the perfect finish, get yourself a can of alloy wheel primer too. There’s also a corrosion preventer protector spray that will keep your wheels looking their best over time.

All the car spray paints we sell on the Taxi-Mart website come with free delivery and in most cases are despatched within 24 hours.