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Gasket Sealers And RTV Silicone

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Are you looking for RTV silicone sealer? Black, white and clear versions are all available in the Silverhook range, readily on offer from Taxi-Mart at competitive prices including free delivery and 24-hour despatch.

In this range we have a vast choice of colours and pack sizes, including 300g cartridge RTV instant gasket silicone sealer. Black, white and clear are all offered and each of them form a tough, flexible water-resistant rubber seal that does not discolour or shrink in size. Whether you are sealing a leaking water hose, windows or windscreens, electrical junctions or lamps, this Silverhook silicone sealer will deliver in every respect.

Silverhook also produces a range of polyurethane adhesives which deliver a waterproof, ultra-strong bond between materials such as MDF, wood, PVC, marble, granite, glass, ceramic, concrete, polystyrene, polycarbonate and metal to name just a few. This product is perfect if you need a fast curing, clear-drying and over-paintable PU Adhesive. Black, white and clear are all available in cartridge format.

There’s also a sensor safe instant gasket silicone rubber sealant in this collection in both black and clear together with Hylomar universal blue which secures a leak free seal between your vehicle’s gasket and the component part.

All these products are offered in a variety of sizes. Prices shown include free delivery and everything is despatched within 24 hours of placing your order.