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Grease In Tubs, Tins And Tubes....

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The Silverhook range of motor, marine and mechanical grease is extensive, and we have plenty to choose from here on the Taxi-Mart website.

Whether you’re looking for grease in tubes, tubs, tins or drums of varying sizes; white grease, CV grease or copper grease, or anything else that falls under the category of motor, marine or mechanical grease, you are sure to find it right here.

White grease is perfect for marine use as well as for motor vehicles and trailers. This waterproof grease in tubes has added zinc oxide to protect against corrosion and is also designed to withstand salt, acid and chemicals.

Constant velocity joints, or CV joints as they are more commonly known, play an important role as they allow the drive shaft to transmit power at a constant speed without increasing friction or play. CV joints need to be kept well-oiled, which is best achieved with specialist CV grease, otherwise known as CV joint grease or moly grease, which comes from its scientific name, molybdenum disulphide. Our CV grease is a long lasting formula that effectively reduces friction and lubricates the joints as well as steering linkages, suspensions and much more. Choose from a range of sizes of CV grease in tubes up to 3Kg tubs as well as 400g cartridges.

Disc brake squeal and seizing on exhaust manifold studs, battery terminals, axle arms and manifold studs can be resolved using anti-seize copper grease. The Silverhook brand of copper grease is a multi-purpose formula that also protects against corrosion.

Also available in this range is semi-fluid grease, fifth wheel grease, lithium grease and red rubber grease.

Not sure what grease you need? You are welcome to ask us for advice! Either message us or give us a call and we’ll give you the guidance you need.

All prices shown include free delivery and everything is despatched within 24 hours of placing your order.