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Gear Oils And Differential Oils....

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Gear oil is vital if you want to enjoy fast acceleration and the best possible transmission performance for your vehicle.

Some gear oils, such as 75W/90 synthetic or semi-synthetic, offer maximum performance under even the most severe driving conditions. Their super thermal stability and exceptional shear stability deliver the very best in wear protection.

At Taxi-Mart we supply what we consider the very best in motoring products, which is why we believe in the Silverhook brand. Silverhook EP 80W/90 mineral gear oil is derived from a blend of refined base oils and other extreme pressure additives. It will work well on a variety of gearboxes and transmissions and exceeds API GL-5 specifications. Choose from a 205 litre drum, 4.54 litre bottle or a 1 litre bottle.

Silverhook 80W/90 gear oil provides high grade performance in manual transmission and differentials.

Silverhook 75w/90 Semi Synthetic gear oil is perfect for 5-speed gear boxes and again exceeds API specifications. You’ll find it in 1 litre and 4.54 litre sizes. There’s also a super-size manual gear oil option in a 25 litre drum.

Silverhook MTF-94 oil is a fully synthetic manual gear oil which acts as a premium lubricant. Its advanced additive makes it suitable for use in all weather conditions.

The Silverhook brand is synonymous with quality. Established in 1994, its reputation is much respected throughout the automotive industry. All engine oils comply with API and ACEA specifications.

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