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Garage Equipment And Tools

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Need to stock up your garage? The Taxi-Mart range of garage equipment and tools is perfect for anyone who loves to tinker with their motor.


The range includes everything you need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and just how you want it. From cleaning brushes to keep those prized alloys sparkling and hand held work lamps that allow you to see the detail close-up to sanding blocks, bit sets and spark plug spanners, you really don’t have to look much further.


Looking for a quality star bit set? Check out the Silverhook superior strength chrome vanadium set comprising 15 pieces including a half inch Torx drive adaptor, all set in its own handy storage case. There’s also a smaller star bit set as well as a hexagon power bit set.


When it comes to spark plug spanners, there are two options: 10mm and 14mm. These swivel-drive spanners by Tool Rack are in the T-bar style and incorporate a rubber insert to protect the spark plug insulator. If you need to fit or remove spark plugs from your engine, these spanners will fit the bill. The rubber insert holds the spark plug nicely in place so that it doesn’t suffer damage from the internal walls of the socket.


If you have a need for a flexible funnel, take a look at the Silver Style model that forms part of the Taxi-Mart garage accessory range. The metal gauze prevents unwanted matter getting in, and the detachable nylon spout offers ample funnelling length at 13 inches. Ideal for both home and garage, this is a quality item designed to last.


All prices shown include delivery and speedy 24-hour despatch, so if you need something in a hurry, you can depend upon Taxi-Mart to get it to you in super-fast time.