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Fuel Additives And Motor Oil Treatments

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The performance of your vehicle is of primary importance, so whatever you can do to make its various components run at their optimum, you will no doubt be interested in.

Here at Taxi-mart, we supply an extensive range of fuel additives and motor oil treatments, from octane booster and oil tonic to petrol treatment and from diesel treatment through to hydraulic valve lifter treatment.

We trust in the Silverhook brand which our customers have always affirmed to us delivers the very best results at excellent value prices.

Silverhook Performance Petrol octane booster is perfect for giving your engine and fuel system a total overhaul. Engines typically get clogged up with carbon deposits and unburnt fuel, which leads to drops in performance. This product acts as an advanced detergent with CE+ patented technology that reaches parts that other more traditional detergents just can’t get to, such as the intake valve, manifold, combustion chamber and fuel injectors together with the carburettors of older vehicles. You can use this octane booster on all petrol engines, including 2-stroke. Available in 325ml.

Petrol treatment can be used to prevent deposits being left on the injectors, carburettors and valves. It will help maintain the engine and fuel system and boost performance by preventing the harmful build-up of deposits, sustaining power, fuel economy and consistency of speed. Petrol injector cleaner also helps by restoring lost power, boosting fuel economy and opening clogged injectors.

Diesel treatment by Silverhook gets the fuel burning more efficiently which means less CO2 emissions, and reduced diesel noise. This treatment will clean the injectors, leading to better engine performance, boosted acceleration and much less black smoke. Check out the Gold Edition diesel treatment in 325ml which boasts a unique combustion enhancer.

Also in this collection we have hydraulic valve lifter treatment which helps clean the build-up of the internal engine deposits that cause engine valve noise, and engine stop leak which reduces oil consumption and replenishes seals.

All products include free delivery and are despatched within 24 hours.