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Motor Engine Oils, Semi Synthetic Engine Oil And Fully Synthetic Engine Oil....

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The Silverhook range of classic, fully synthetic and multigrade engine oils is well renowned for delivering the utmost in quality for your vehicle.

Available in a wide variety of volumes, from a single litre right up to 1,000 litres, our engine oil range has something to suit everything need.

When you are buying engine oil, you’ll see a series of numbers and often the letter ‘w’. The numbers represent the viscosity of the oil, and the w stands for ‘winter’. Most oils are multigrades, which means they fall into two viscosity grades. They were developed so that the traditional routine of switching oil between summer and winter was no longer necessary.

So what exactly do the gradings mean? Basically, if you take for example 10w/40, the first part, in this case 10w, means that the oil must have a certain maximum viscosity at low temperatures. The lower the number alongside the w, the better the cold start performance. The second number, in the case of our example 40, refers to the limit of viscosity at 100 degrees Celsius. The lower the number, the thinner the oil at 100 degrees. Your handbook should specify which grade of oil is recommended for your particular vehicle

Looking for 20w/50 classic engine oil? We offer a large 4.54 litre bottle for just £15.99 suitable for petrol and diesel engines (not turbo).

Maybe it’s 10w/40 fully synthetic engine oil you need? Do check though as semi-synthetic is also an option. If you’re ever unsure, you can message us for advice. The fully synthetic version is optimised for turbo plus diesel engines and is designed to enhance soot control, maintain shear stability and reduce oxidative thickening and piston deposits. It also offers good corrosion protection. The semi-synthetic option we mentioned is for both petrol and diesel engines.

5w/30 fully synthetic engine oil is another option. We offer this in a 4.54 litre option and it’s suitable for both petrol and diesel engines. This oil works optimally at both high and low temperature extremities, offering the utmost in protection even during cold starts.

15w/40 multigrade engine oil is a popular seller. There’s a range of options, including the 4.54 litre high performance version for diesel and turbo diesel engines. This offers outstanding long term anti-wear benefits together with exceptional sludge control for the typical stop-go motoring we all experience when driving in the city.

Don’t forget, you can always send us a message if you need advice on the right engine oil to choose for your needs, and you should check your vehicle handbook for specific information.

All Taxi-Mart products including our full range of engine oils come complete with free delivery and are despatched within 24 hours.