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Engine And Radiator Flush For Petrol And Diesel Cars, Vans And Trucks....

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A periodical flush of your engine oil is a well-known method of eliminating sludge build-up. Fail to flush and you’ll find your oil ways clogged leading to engine wear, which means eventually failure will be inevitable. To avoid the significant inconvenience and cost associated with engine failure, make sure you invest in good engine flushing oil, quality gear box flush and radiator flush and also treat your engine with anti rust for radiators.

The Silverhook brand is renowned for quality and performance and offers a wide range of products that will help maintain a healthy and efficient engine.

The oils used to lubricate an engine can form acids during the combustion process. If you don’t neutralise these acids then the engine could become compromised. The solution comes in the form of Silverhook engine oil flush. Simply add it to your existing oil before draining and it will neutralise those acids, dissolve varnish and remove sludge, all of which would have been left behind otherwise. Suitable for both petrol and diesel engines and available in a range of sizes including a 25 litre drum, Silverhook engine flushing oil will also improve the circulation of oil in the engine and cleanse sticky valves, lifters and piston rings.

Radiator flush will clean and unblock the cooling system, clear the water channels and remove rust and sludge. Cooling systems will over time become blocked which means their performance will wane. Regular flushing is vital and this simple to use Silverhook product is safe to use with rubber hoses and all metals.

Cooling systems will also tend to accumulate rust, scale and scum which can lead to overheating and boiling. Anti rust for radiators will prevent internal rust, help prevent leaks, and neutralise the acid that causes so many problems. Also protects against foaming and enhances heat dissipation.

If you are looking for quality products to keep your vehicle and its engine performing at their very best, look no further than this Silverhook collection, supplied courtesy of Taxi-Mart’s free delivery and 24-hour despatch service.