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Keeping electrical contracts clean is imperative if you want your vehicle, or any other electrical apparatus or instruments for that matter, running smoothly. Electric contact cleaner is what you need for this task.

Silverhook is one of the UK’s largest independent manufacturers of automotive products such as electrical contact cleaner and engine degreaser. The quality of their products is something we at Taxi-Mart rely upon to ensure absolute satisfaction amongst all our customers. The brand includes a variety of products designed to improve vehicle performance, from carb cleaner spray to brake and clutch cleaner and multi-purpose foam cleaner which is suitable for a range of uses including car dash, and upholstery as well as carpets, flooring, furniture, computers and other equipment.

Electrical contact cleaner is well known as a product that could potentially save you a great deal of money. Spraying the contacts on a vehicle or electrical instrument or apparatus will usually see it continue to run smoothly for several hundred miles or hours. Imagine - instead of laying out hundreds of pounds on a new control unit - you could achieve the same results by giving the contacts a good spray. Simple!

Carb cleaner is precisely what you need to keep your carburettor and automatic choke clean. This will result in freer operation and reduced fuel consumption, which is good news all round. Carb cleaner spray works by clearing residue and helps to lubricate when sprayed onto linkages. Also works on injectors. The Silverhook 500ml can is the large size which also comes with an applicator tube to make precision spraying that much easier.

Engine degreaser by Silverhook is another essential product for any vehicle owner. This non-foam formula comes in a large 500ml size with an applicator and gets to work quickly on removing motor oil, grease, dirt, tar and wax, etc. Simply spray on then wash off to reveal a nice clean, smooth and efficient running engine. Also comes in a value pack of 12 cans. There’s also a 25 litre brush-on, wash off engine degreaser which is ideal for workshop use.

There are numerous products in this category, all designed to improve the performance of your vehicle and other relevant items. All products come with free delivery and 24-hour despatch. Have a browse around and if you have any questions about an individual product don’t hesitate to drop us a line or give us a call for tailored advice.