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The E-Tech brand is synonymous with quality and performance, which is why here at Taxi-Mart we are more than happy to recommend it to our customers. Within the range you’ll find a variety of products, all designed to bring your vehicle back to the shiny new status it had when it first graced the showroom.

E-Tech clear alloy wheel lacquer is one of these products. Specifically formulated to bring alloy wheels back to their former glory, this clear high gloss coating will have those alloys glimmering in no time. Simple to apply and fast-drying, E-Tech clear alloy wheel lacquer delivers a scratch-resistant protective coating that is resistant to fuel and chemical intervention as well as UV-rays and weathering. If you’ve scuffed your alloys and are feeling down about it, lift yourself up with this long-lasting, value-for-money solution that will restore your admiration for your vehicle in no time.

Looking for a way to prepare challenging surfaces such as alloy wheels, steel trims or metal or glass parts for painting? E-Tech Technik Self-Etch Primer offers the ideal solution. This product chemically etches the surface so that you have a firm foundation for your paint applications. It’s perfect for when you’re refurbishing alloy wheels and is versatile enough to be used on treated or untreated metals, fibre, glass, steel, stainless steel and aluminium. This etch primer promotes excellent paint adhesion and works to etch and prime in a single step.

Lots of vehicle owners also rely on E-Tech Alloy Wheel Putty to make sure their alloy wheel refurbishment project results in pure perfection. The putty is ideal for repairing scuffs and scratches. It is flexible, so easily moulded to fill the precise areas you need to fix. Once the E-Tech Alloy Wheel Putty has dried, all you need to do is apply E-Tech silver alloy wheel paint and then a layer of E-Tech clear lacquer for the perfect finish.

Looking for the complete package to restore your prized alloy wheels to showroom status? The E-Tech Alloy Wheel Repair Kit contains everything you need to get your alloys back to their shimmering glory: E-Tech Alloy Wheel Putty, E-Tech clear lacquer, silver alloy wheel spray paint, applicator, masking tape, files, sandpaper, degreasing sachets and gloves. It’s amazing value, especially considering how much it would cost for a new set of alloys, which is just how yours will look after using this kit.

Need a solution to stop or hide those annoying chips and scratches plaguing your vehicle doors? E-Tech Door Guard does both and can be used on both front and rear doors. The self-adhesive protective strip is easily fitted to the side or bottom of the door edge and provides instant protection from chips and rust. Supplied in a 2-metre roll which is enough to cover two doors of most vehicles.

E-Tech is one of those brands vehicle owners can’t help but admire. Have a browse around the selection and remember, all products come with free delivery and 24-hour despatch.