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Looking for car antifreeze? We have plenty of options here on the Taxi-Mart website ranging from red antifreeze to blue antifreeze and PG yellow antifreeze.

At Taxi-Mart we sell Silverhook antifreeze. This is one of the UK’s best known brands of automotive products and is well known for quality and value. We offer a variety of sizes including one and two litre bottles and up to 25 litre and even 205 litre drums. Minimum and maximum protection temperatures vary amongst individual products so be sure to check the individual listings to ensure you are getting what you need.

Many people ask us the difference between the different types of antifreeze, and the question is a good one. It is commonly thought that different colours of car antifreeze mean they are different formulations, and most people think they cannot be mixed, for example red antifreeze cannot be mixed with blue antifreeze. However, this is not the case. The only reason they are coloured is so that you can visually see them. However, there are differences in types of antifreeze and you do need to check which is right for your particular vehicle – but the colour is not the indicator to look for!

OAT and IAT are the main types of antifreeze. OAT (organic acid technology) does not contain silicates or phosphates. Its corrosion inhibitors help the coolant last longer, and this type of antifreeze is more suited to newer model cars. So if your vehicle is older, you’ll need to check before using OAT car antifreeze. IAT (inorganic additive technology) is the traditional type of coolant, however it does need to be drained and refilled every two years or so, whereas OAT will last a good five years or 150,000 miles. HOAT (hybrid acid technology) is another variant which contains added silicates to increase aluminium protection and prevent corrosion. Again this will need to be flushed every five years or 150,000 miles.

All Silverhook antifreeze, coolants, screen wash, radiator flush, sealant and de-icers meet British Standard BS6580 plus everything on this page comes with free delivery and despatch within 24 hours.