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The Silverhook range of oils remains unsurpassed in quality and variety. We supply a full range of this manufacturer’s oils including ISO 22 airline oil, fully synthetic 2 stroke oil, ultra cool cutting oil and SUTO oil together with semi-synthetic motorcycle engine oil, 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine oil/lubricant, hydrolastic suspension fluid and deionised water.

ISO 22 airline oil is what you need for lubricating workshop tools, hydraulic systems and valves. Thanks to the inhibitors in the oil, thermal degradation and foaming are minimised and corrosion and deposit formation are thwarted. Available in a 1 litre bottle for just £6.65 including free delivery.

For all applications requiring API-TSC-4 and API-TD specification, choose our fully synthetic 2 stroke oil. This formulation exceeds marine NMMA TC-W2 and TC-W3 specifications and is ideal for use in scooters and go-karts as well as for lubricating chainsaws, lawnmowers, small generators and marine outboard engines. We also sell regular 2-stroke oil for API TSC3 applications; this comes in a smaller 500ml bottle.

Looking for a mineral based, water soluble cutting oil for your lathe or other cutting equipment? Our ultra cool cutting oil fits the bill and is available in 1 litre bottles for just £8.78 delivered.

Super universal tractor oil (SUTO oil) can be used as both tractor / machine engine oil as well as hydraulic, transmission, final drive and wet brake fluid, hence the tag, ‘universal’. SUTO oil simplifies machine maintenance as well as cutting down on the number of oils you need. Check out our super-value 25 litre drum, suitable for all agricultural machinery and turbo-charged and naturally aspirated engines: just £71.98 including delivery.

If you need any advice at all about the right oil to choose for your particular requirements, just send us a message: we’re here to help.

Don’t forget all prices shown include free delivery and everything is despatched within 24 hours of placing your order.