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Taxi-Mart Taxi Driver Accounts Book

Taxi-Mart Taxi Driver Accounts Book

HOW TO AVOID LOSING MONEY! Did you know the fine for a late tax return is £100? Worse still, fail to put all your income through and you could be penalised for that too. Not to mention what you could be missing out on by missing off leaving out certain expenses. Wouldn’t it be better to keep accurate records of your income and expenditure throughout the year so that when tax return time comes, you’re all geared up and ready to go with all the right numbers? Yes we understand that’s a big ask, but if you’ve got the right kit then it’s going to be that much easier. Step in the taxi accounts book. Easy to fill in with its simple columns and common expenses listed, it will literally take you a few minutes at the end of each working week to complete. And for only £8.99, it’s got to be worth the investment considering what you’re going to save.

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