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Taxi-Mart Coin Dispensers

It’s tidy, it’s secure, it’s professional and best of all it keeps you organised – it’s the Taxi-Mart coin dispenser!

If you’re looking for a neat, in-taxi storage solution for your cash, you’ll get everything down to a 5 or 10 pence piece in these taxi coin holders, depending on the particular model.

The range includes a practical plastic coin holder in black that also has capacity to store notes. It clips conveniently inside the cab for fast, easy access and stacks coins from £2 down to 5 pence, making the job of handing out change a simple one, not to mention tallying up at the end of the day. The taxi coin holder has a flip-over cover that keeps everything where it should be, meaning you can take it with you when you leave the cab without fear of the coins or notes dropping out.

There is also a top of the range metal version that comes complete with a leather-look case for the ultimate in professionalism. This particular coin dispenser holds notes plus coins from £2 down to 10 pence. Its spring loaded columns make it a breeze to retrieve the change you need without any hassle.

If you prefer a splash of colour in your cab, opt for a plastic coin holder in blue, orange, yellow or green. Made from solid plastic, these models hold all coins from £2 down to 10 pence. It’s a lightweight model that again clips neatly onto a door pocket or belt.

If you want to enhance security and reduce the risk of theft and lost cash in your cab, a taxi coin dispenser offers the ideal solution! Also perfect for boot sales and craft fairs or fetes, these pound coin holders really are so versatile!

All versions of the taxi coin holder seen on this page include free delivery and as all orders are despatched within 24 hours, you won’t have to wait long before you are getting nicely organised with your cash!

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