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Taxi Driver Coin Holders, Taxi Driver Coin Box, Taxi Coin Dispenser

Large Black Coin Dispenser With Note Holder

Need an in-taxi storage solution for your cash? Here you go! You’ll get all your coins down to 5 pence pieces in this top of the range model, plus there’s room for notes too. This is a heavy duty coin dispenser in black that conveniently fixes inside the cab for easy access. Coin dispensers also speed up the process of counting taxes come the end of the working day. Why not take a look?

Cashcall Black Coin Box

Black Plastic Coin Dispenser

Get your taxi organised with this solid plastic coin dispenser, available in a range of colours. Holds all coins down to 10 pence pieces and the lightweight model conveniently clips onto a door pocket or belt. Click through for more details and online ordering.


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