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E-Tech XHT High Temperature Paint

The E-TECH paint formula has been developed using the latest advances in paint technology. Designed for surfaces that are exposed to extremely high temperatures, this paint will coat, protect and enhance wherever it is applied.

Ideal for engine blocks, rocker cover, exhaust and manifolds
Long lasting high quality finish
Easy to apply with fast curing time
Strong adhesion
Allows personalisation and reconditioning of parts

Contents: 400ml

Temperature rating: 650°C 1202°F

Before using check your temperature ratings for each application to make sure they are within the paints' operating range.

E-Tech XHT Black

E-Tech XHT Silver


E-Tech Primer Filler

The E-Tech Technik Filler & Primer is designed to fill in minor scuffs and surface imperfections up to 0.5mm while simultaneously priming the surface.
This allows for the top coat of paint to go on shortly after drying.

  • Perfect for Filled and Sanded Surfaces
  • Ideal for Smoothing out Textured or Rough Surfaces
  • The 'High Build' Nature of this Product and Easy Sanding Provide Great Surface Leveling Properties
  • Excellent Foundation for the Top Coat of Paint
  • Can be used on most Painted or Unpainted Metal Surfaces, Rigid Plastics, Glass Fibre, Wood and Masonry

E-Tech Alloy Wheel Paints

E-Tech Alloy Wheel Paint has been specially formulated to restore the appearance of wheels or transform them for a new look. The paint provides a durable coating which is resistant to brake dust, cleaning chemicals and road grime/salt and dries to a hard long lasting finish with excellent adhesion qualities which resists cracking or flaking. A range of colours are available for a variety of different vehicle styles and looks.

Note: One Aerosol is generally suitable to cover a set of four wheels up to 18 Inch.

400ml Aerosol

Refresh, Refurbish Or Customise
Range Of Colours Available
400ml Aerosol
One Can Generally Coats 4 x 18 Wheels

E-Tech Metallic Silver Alloy Wheel Paint



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