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Chainsaw Oil

If you are seeking to prevent your chainsaw chain and bar from wearing down and eventually damaging the saw then you need to lubricate them using chainsaw bar oil.

Also referred to as chainsaw oil and chain oil, chainsaw bar oil is available in different grades to suit your particular machine and the ambient air temperature the saw is being used in. Lighter oil tends to be used in the winter and heavier duty oil during the summer months, as heat from the sun thins the oil making it less effective.

It is important to ensure chainsaw chains and bars are well lubricated at all times. Improved lubrication leads to longer chain and bar life as well as reducing drag whilst the saw is in use. This means enhanced fuel economy which is good news in terms of cost savings and in respect of the environment.

It is vital that bar and chain oil adheres well to the chain right around the bar so as to reduce friction as much as possible. The chainsaw bar oil sold on the Taxi-Mart website is all formulated for low chain and bar wear and suitable for both petrol powered and electric chainsaws. Manufactured by Silverhook, a renowned brand associated with excellence in quality, all the bar and chain oil sold on this site is low fling to ensure the least possible mess and damage to the surrounding area whilst the chainsaw is in use.

Available in ISO 100 and heavy duty ISO 150 options, Silverhook petrol and electric chainsaw oil comes in a choice of 1 litre and 4.54 litre bottles and economical 25 litre drums.

All bar and chain oil for sale on the Taxi-Mart website includes free delivery UK-wide and in most cases will be despatched within 24 hours.

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