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Silverhook Products And Silverhook FAQ

Silverhook are one one of the largest independent manufacturers of automotive lubricants and chemicals in the UK. Silverhook was established in 1994 and has gained a reputation throughout the automotive industry for providing quality products and an exceptional standard of service.


The Silverhook quality system is rigorously maintained throughout the complete manufacturing process. Random sampling and batch coding ensures full traceability of finished products and raw materials. We can identify products through all stages of production from raw material integrity to customer receipt of delivery.

The quality system is under continual review and we routinely implement an external and independent audit to check the robustness of the system and make recommendations for improvements where possible.


Development of new product lines to keep pace with new demand and changes in the marketplace. On-going product developments include:

Production of new oil grade suitable and approved for the new generation of VW engines requiring 0w30 grade.
Introduction of new antifreeze and screen wash formulations made for the Russian market.
Operational developments include:
Commissioning of two automatic filling lines.
Commissioning of two semi- automatic 25L filling lines.
Installation of additional tank capacity.


Continuing investment in the factory plant has led to year on year improvements in manufacturing efficiency, enabling Silverhook to offer quality assured products at highly competitive prices. Current tank capacity is in excess of 3 million litres. This enables our buyers to take advantage of the fluctuating bulk material costs and purchase at favourable market rates - it is not unusual for most of the tanks to be filled to capacity.

These provide a foundation for a flexible approach to production, and the ability to rapidly react to customer demands. Our bottom-draining stainless steel tanks and unique blending process allow for "custom" filling. This allied with our label printing facility enables us to provide tailor-made products to customers specifications. We have dedicated tanks for each particular product to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination


Silverhook continues to identify and produce winning lines.

Oils & Lubricants - All engine oils have API, ACEA specification, and are available in trade and retail packages. Oils within the range meet the following specifications:
VW 500.00. & 505.00 (01/97); BMW Special Oil, Mercedes Benz 229.1 & Porsche GL. Hydraulic, Transmission and Two-Stroke Oils complete the range.
Winter Lines - BS6580 Coolants and Antifreeze, Screenwash, Radiator Flush and Sealant, Deicers.
Additives - Petrol, Injector, and Diesel Treatments, Oil & Transmission Stop Leak, Oil Stop Smoke & Treatment.
Maintenance - Brake Fluid, Grease, Brake & Clutch cleaner, Carb & Injector cleaner.
Body Repair - Filler, Sealant, Stoneguard, Aerosol Paint including basic, fluorescent, metallic, and a range of popular Colours.
Valet - Wash & Wax, Polish, Colour Restorer, Cockpit Shines, Trim, Wheel, and Upholstery

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