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BEST SELLER!! - Silverhook Air Con Bomb - One Shot 200ml

  • Automatic air conditioning cleaner
  • Blows germs apart in under 15 mins
  • Contains odour eating compounds and bacteriacides
  • Cleans entire A/C system

Silverhook Air Con Bomb

Over time, harmful bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses can accumulate in the air conditioning system of your vehicle which if left untreated can cause bad odours, headaches and allergic reactions.

Silverhook easy to use automatic air-con bomb will clean and purify the entire system in 10 minutes leaving a pleasant new car fragrance. All you have to do is put the car's air con on full and recirculate, then after taking off the cap fully depress the button on the Silverhook Air Con Bomb and leave the bomb on the floor of the car. Shut the door and return after 15 minutes!

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