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Did you know that every single item sold through the Taxi-Mart shop includes FREE super-fast delivery? And that we serve the WHOLE of the UK with a range of products and accessories not just suitable for taxi drivers, but for general motorists, car and motorcycle enthusiasts, work-shoppers, DIY-ers and more? We sure do! Why not pay a visit to the shop today and browse our extensive range. If you have any questions about any of the products you are interested in, you are welcome to send us a message. Happy shopping!

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Silverhook Matt Black Acrylic Spray Paint

Sometimes there’s nothing for it other than a matt finish, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with this Silverhook matt black universal spray paint. It’s a high density spray that you can use on a range of materials including plastics, cardboard, metal or wood. Choose from 400ml or 500ml size cans and if you need more than one you can enjoy added value with a bulk pack of 2 or 12 cans. Prices start at £5.91 for a single 400ml can, and that includes delivery.

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Silverhook Satin Black Spray Paint

Looking to paint it black? It doesn’t have to be Jagger’s red door – it could be you want to touch up or revamp vehicle trims, up-cycle a piece of furniture, create a banner – whatever it is you need black satin-finish paint for, this Silverhook universal spray paint will do the job beautifully. It’s easy to use and comes in 400ml and 500ml sizes and packs of 1, 2 or 12 cans starting from just £5.91 including delivery. Happy painting!

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Silverhook Cream Gloss Spray Can 500ml

Got a paint job to tackle? Whether it’s a car, a bike or a piece of furniture, this cream gloss universal spray paint by Silverhook will deliver a classic, eye-catching finish. Suitable for use on metal, wood, cardboard and plastics, the spray comes in packs of 1, 2 or 12 starting at just £6.49 including delivery.

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Silverhook Clear Lacquer 500ml and 400ml Cans

Get yourself a nice shiny finish with this clear lacquer spray paint from Silverhook. Works well on metal, wood, cardboard and plastics. Add a classy sheen and protect your paintwork or base material. Starting at only £5.91 per 400ml can, you can’t go wrong – PLUS – there’s even more value to be had in the multi-packs of 2 or 12. 500ml cans also available.

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