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Chainsaw Oil

If you are seeking to prevent your chainsaw chain and bar from wearing down and eventually damaging the saw then you need to lubricate them using chainsaw bar oil. Also referred to as chainsaw oil and chain oil, chainsaw bar oil is available in different grades to suit your particular machine and the ambient air temperature the saw is being used in. Lighter oil tends to be used in the winter and heavier duty oil during the summer months, as heat from the sun thins the oil making it less effective. It is important to ensure chainsaw chains and bars...

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Silverhook DPF Cleaner 1 Litre

Looking for a diesel particulate filter cleaner that’s suitable for all diesel engines and all diesel fuel qualities? Silverhook DPF cleaner helps with filter regeneration without the need for any dismantling or reassembly. Just add it to the fuel tank and you’re good to go. Then you can sit back and enjoy enhanced vehicle performance, plus you’ll be extending the life of your filter, so good news in terms of long term savings. This one litre bottle costs just £26.95 – a worthwhile investment we think!

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Silverhook White Grease 500ml Tub

Chemicals in the air can have a seriously negative effect on car bodies. The answer? #Silverhook Water Repellent White Grease is anti-corrosive and ideal for automotive use. It’s water repellent and effective from -15°C to +135°C. Comes in a 500g tin available for just £10.19.

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Silverhook DPF Cleaner 350ml

Is your vehicle not cutting it performance wise? It could be your diesel particulate filter. Regular cleaning is a must, and it couldn’t be easier with this Silverhook DPF cleaner that you simply add to the fuel tank. It helps to combust accumulated soot and regenerate the filter. It’s a long term fix that keeps on working for several thousand miles. For just £9.32 for 350ml it’s an investment not to be missed.

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Silverhook DPF Cleaner 500ml Aerosol

OK so it’s nothing glamorous, but diesel particulate filter cleaner is a must if you want to keep your vehicle running smoothly. This Silverhook DPF aerosol spray is so easy to use. Just apply it directly to the DPF system using the applicator tube provided and you’ll see soot, carbon and ash deposits disappear in no time. You can use it on your EGR valves to give them a good clean too.

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