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Single Car Pin Stripe

Looking to make your vehicle truly eye-catching? Style it out with these self-adhesive styling stripes! Available in 3mm or 6mm width, these stripes are easy to apply and come in 10 metre rolls. Choose from red, black, white, silver or gold or really go for it with fluorescent red. Well, why not?! Click for more information and to place your order. These single stripes start from just £2.09 per pack including delivery.

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Adjustable Cup Holder

You love your cuppa, so here’s the perfect solution for keeping it upright whilst you’re en route. This adjustable cup holder also doubles up as a can or bottle holder and its adjustable arms make it totally flexible. The other great thing is, when you’re not using it, you can simply fold it up and pack it flat out of the way. Suitable for any taxi with a partition, it’s only £8.99 including delivery, so why not treat yourself?

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Map Pocket/Magazine Net

If you need instant access to maps or any reference guides or paperwork for that matter whilst you’re in your cab, then here you go! Our map pocket also doubles up as a magazine or newspaper holder which you can fit easily to most surfaces. Passengers will love the idea of grabbing a quick read whilst they are en route, and tourists will appreciate access to guides and maps too. Ideal for helpful cabbies, the map pocket retails at just £12.99 including delivery.

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Silverhook Gold Effect Paint

Do you have the Midas Touch? You do now, thanks to this gold plated effect spray paint from Silverhook! Suitable for metal, wood, cardboard and plastics, this spray is so easy to apply and produces a high density, super smooth finish that looks like pure perfection to the eye. Whatever you want to turn to gold, this gold effect paint is the way to do it! Available in packs of 1, 2 or 12 cans starting from only £6.64 including delivery.

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Car Window Stickers and Car Decals

 They can be funny, useful or informative: the Taxi-Mart range of car window stickers and bumper stickers really does offer something for everyone! This is an extensive collection of car decals and vinyl stickers for cars. Why not jazz up your motor with something eye-catching like a dragon or gecko graphic? Fix to the bodywork or window for a striking look, or go for something pink and pretty to please the kids, like a pink fairy vinyl graphic or a butterfly. And the range of car window stickers certainly doesn’t end there. If you fancy sharing your sense of...

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