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E-Tech XHT Paint Red

This high temperature resistant red spray paint is ideal for exhausts, manifolds and engine blocks and provides a long lasting, top quality finish. The fast curing time makes it convenient to use plus it’s so easy to apply and offers strong adhesion. Resists heat up to 650 degrees Celsius. See red and get your vehicle seriously spruced up for just £9.99 including delivery.

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Gear Oil

Gear oil is vital if you want to enjoy fast acceleration and the best possible transmission performance for your vehicle.   Some gear oils, such as 75W/90 synthetic or semi-synthetic, offer maximum performance under even the most severe driving conditions. Their super thermal stability and exceptional shear stability deliver the very best in wear protection.   At Taxi-Mart we supply what we consider the very best in motoring products, which is why we believe in the Silverhook brand. Silverhook EP 80W/90 mineral gear oil is derived from a blend of refined base oils and other extreme pressure additives. It will...

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E-Tech Metallic Silver Alloy Wheel Paint

It’s time to get those alloy wheels looking amazing again! Don’t scrimp on your choice of alloy wheel paint, instead go for the best – E-Tech metallic silver alloy wheel paint will give you a long lasting finish that’s resistant to chipping, cracking and flaking as well as road salt, cleaning chemicals and brake dust. Restore, refurbish and prolong the life of your alloys with this super high quality product, priced at just £7.99 including delivery.

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Silicone RTV Sealer

Are you looking for RTV silicone sealer? Black, white and clear versions are all available in the Silverhook range, readily on offer from Taxi-Mart at competitive prices including free delivery and 24-hour despatch.   In this range we have a vast choice of colours and pack sizes, including 300g cartridge RTV instant gasket silicone sealer. Black, white and clear are all offered and each of them form a tough, flexible water-resistant rubber seal that does not discolour or shrink in size. Whether you are sealing a leaking water hose, windows or windscreens, electrical junctions or lamps, this Silverhook silicone sealer...

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E-Tech Alloy Wheel Clear Lacquer

Here we have the ultimate finishing touch for your alloy wheels – this clear gloss alloy wheel lacquer will have your alloys looking just like they did when they rolled out of the showroom. It’s chip-resistant, crack and flake resistant and resilient to fuel, UV-rays, weathering and chemicals. Achieve the perfect, professional finish for just £7.99 including delivery.

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